August 2015

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I’m approaching my 30th birthday, which means I’m old enough to have witnessed the complete careers of dozens of athletes. Darren Lockyer, Braith Anasta, Andrew Johns. Jude Bolton and Chris Judd. I grew up watching these guys in their debut seasons, young, fresh-faced and full of hope. Now, I will watch their burgeoning media careers (albeit…

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The National Basketball League has unveiled its new-look logo in a bid to re-engage nostalgic hoops fans ahead of the upcoming 2015-16 season. With its bold font and Clip Art-style ‘basketball’ image, the NBL is hoping to tap adult males between the age of 29 and 32, who can kinda remember the NBL during its heyday, according to an NBL spokesperson.…

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A large and vocal proportion of Australians have convinced themselves that it’s perfectly OK to relentlessly boo a proud Indigenous athlete. They angrily deny all allegations of racism, saying instead that it’s Goodes’ character that prompts their abuse. They point to his decision to publicly call out a 13-year-old girl at the MCG for calling…

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