The Ian Higgins Show featuring TPA’s Dave Edwards

On the segment this week, the lads talked:

  • Mitchell Johnson’s (seemingly abrupt) retirement
  • Millions of runs flowed on the WACA, but somehow this seemed boring and meaningless?
  • The need for test cricket to be reinvigorated – will the Day/Night fixture provide this?
  • A decade on from the famous 2005 Socceroos v Uruguay World Cup qualification – but where is Australian soccer now?
  • A quick discussion on the theme songs of various World Cups (i.e. Go West, USA 1995; Cup of Life, France 1998, etc)
  • The UFC and Ronda Rousey – is this even sport?

All this and more from two amateurs who should know better than this. Click the media player below and listen in.


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