Timmy The Tiger’s Emotional Facebook Post Revealed in Full

The Public Apology revealed earlier today that the much-loved Wests Tigers mascot, Timmy the Tiger, has sadly called it quits following Mitchell Pearce’s drunken scandal.

We are now able to bring you the full text of Timmy the Tiger’s Facebook post, re-published with permission below:

*   *   *

To my long lost friend, Rugby, Rugby League,

After sitting down this morning and pondering our future together over a long, soothing cup of Mr. Grey’s finest, I think it’s time I say what I haven’t been able to, due to our long, passionate love affair.

I have always thought of you as The Oracle, and it was with pride that I accepted your mantle as The Chosen One last year. I ran for you, I leaped for you, to be honest I lived for you.

And the people started to believe. 1 Million (or so) people watched the film of my genesis and they were inspired. By you, and I. They loved us Oracle. It was the story of the little guy standing up – as Peter Parker got stung, so did I.

But today, as the late Gough would say, it’s time.

No longer can I look young kids in the eyes and deliver your promise.

No longer can I encourage the public to give their heart and soul to me, and you.

No longer, my friend, can i stand by your side and be an enabler of your addiction to self destruction.

Oracle, the walls are falling down, Agent Smith is coming, and now I must leave you to implode, in this life, or the next.

Farewell my friend and foe, always and forever.

The Chosen One (Timmy the Tiger March ’15 – Feb ’16)

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