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Why is Shane Warne hell-bent on positioning himself as the biggest douchebag in Australian sport? Some players go through their entire careers without a single hiccup. Like honest coal miners, they clock on and give it their all each day, with a minimum of fuss, histrionics and hair product – much like Derek Zoolander’s father…

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ThePublicApology is backing a government nationalisation of all cricket clothes factories, distributors and retailers with the end goal of developing a Standard Practice Cream. Colour-coding inconsistencies have plagued cricket competitions across the globe for decades.  And while this publication is apolitical by nature, this writer urges the federal government to get behind the standardisation of…

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Cricket Australia 60 Jolimont Street Jolimont Victoria 3002 Australia (+61 3) 9653 9999 Dear Andrew, In relation to your unjustified sacking of Simon Katich from the Australian cricket team, I demand you supply ThePublicApology with – ahem – a public apology. Now this writer has accepted – and grown to eventually embrace – the many…

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