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I have written on oft occasions of my desire to purchase Foxtel. Yet due to a rather strict body corporate policy in my 1960s-era apartment building, I must remain a humble free-to-air viewer, for now. However, this week the sports broadcast landscape changed in this country: Optus came out of nowhere to pinch the EPL…

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I have a close friend named Toby who, at the age of ten, switched his allegiance from one English football side to another. To this day, the now 30-year-old is regularly ribbed by his mates for this innocent act of childhood naivety. I didn’t even know Toby when he was ten, but that hasn’t stopped me…

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For the first time ever, readers in mainland China will be able to access content from esteemed online sports journal The Public Apology (TPA). The arrangement is the result of a landmark deal brokered by TPA founder and chief editor Dave J. Edwards in Beijing yesterday. Mr Edwards is currently on a business visit to North Asia to…

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