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In a sad reflection of the state of rugby league, a rare pack of signed 1995 Kangaroos footy cards sold for a paltry $4.48 on eBay last night. The market analyst firm ClarityCapital compiled a report on the auction price of rugby league paraphernalia on eBay and found that bids for retro rugby league items had…

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ThePublicApology has compiled the definitive team of past and present English Premier League footballers that, at one stage or another, have found themselves the subject of alleged infidelity. This publication wishes to clarify that selections for this team were based purely on tabloid coverage these players received over their alleged exploits, not the level/degree of cheating…

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Sydney’s elite private schools are churning out thousands of bloated, beer reliant ex-jocks, according to a new report. An Institute of Societal Trends paper, Jocks: Now the Party’s Over, looked at ex-1st XV Sydney private school rugby players from 1995 onwards and found 42%  are technically alcoholic, while 38% are in the ‘seriously teetering on…

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