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This week on the IH Show, Higgins and Edwards discuss all things cricket, including: The early report card on new Test captain Steve Smith The decline of sporting dynasties – and how this generation thrives on change, whether it be iPhones, careers, or relationships How new sporting coaches are similar to CEOs, setting overly ambitious five-year…

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BREAKING: Lost TPA Live episodes found — Play here: TPA Live Episode 7: The Lost Episode — A lost TPA Live episode recorded by Pez and Dave has been found on an old, heavy laptop by a close accomplice and will appear immediately on TPA.net, sources said today. The rediscovered episode, allegedly titled The Western Condition…

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Every week, The Public Apology founder Dave J. Edwards appears in a guest slot on a popular Sydney FM radio program: The Ian Higgins Show. It is hosted, unsurprisingly, by Ian Higgins. Some readers may remember that Higgins and Edwards co-helmed the critically acclaimed 2 Guys Podcast.  Sadly, the 2 Guys show ended when Edwards moved to Melbourne earlier this year.…

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