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In this week’s half-baked coverage of the upcoming federal election, TPA’s Alasdair McClintock loosely analyses the pros and cons of the three major parties, coming to the inevitable conclusion that there are no pros and, um, they’re all cons. ***** The Major Parties The Vengaboys like to party. It’s true. They told us. But do they like the major…

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In this eight week tribute to jibber-jabber, TPA’s Alasdair McClintock takes us through the highs and lows of the upcoming federal election. Proving, once and for all, that when it comes to politics, he has no idea what he’s talking about. ***** The Leaders What kind of lunatic wants to lead this great country of…

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Australia’s beef with Russia is ramping up big-time. It all started with Russia’s suspected involvement in the downing of MH17. Then Prime Minister Tony Abbott threatened to shirt-front President Vladimir Putin over the incident. Now things have really kicked on to the next level with Russia sending warships towards Australia. With the escalation to military posturing, it’s…

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