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We’re a land of the ‘fair go’ in Australia. Whether you just read that in a Samuel-Johnson-Secret-Life-Of-Us voice, or a VB-advertisement-voice, it’s likely this is your truth. And although our country’s egalitarianism has more holes in it than a Panama Papers shell company, it’s still our prevailing identity. That’s right, in Australia the only laws…

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Anthony Minichiello’s nutrition advice has Roosters players looking leaner than ever and The Public Apology can exclusively reveal that it is largely to do with a controversial new diet supplement. In a sick twist, that would even make Stephen Dank squirm, Minichiello has been administering regular chalices of human blood to players to give them…

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Paul Gallen is the human representation of the NRL. If he is depressed, it means Rugby League is also depressed. Rugby league has been showing classic signs of depression for years. It has been having trouble remaining interested in daily life. It no longer enjoys once pleasurable activities such as international football – it’s simply…

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