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“Rugby league players get into more trouble because they are dumb and/or uneducated”. It’s a  justification that is tossed around every time a rugby league player is caught for assault, drink driving or pissing in his own mouth. But it’s not just pub talk. Public figures such as Peter Fitzsimons’ have long espoused a similar…

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I don’t want to watch the third State of Origin game tonight, but I will. Like a father spending his Saturday watching under 13s cricket while he waits in vain to see his son bat at number eleven, I will loyally tune in to channel 9 at precisely 8:17pm tonight – thus avoiding the pre-game hype – to…

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One of Russia’s pre-eminent gymnastics judges has praised young Wests Tigers fullback James Tedesco’s for his dexterity, following his execution of a “near-flawless” backflip. Valerie Yanukovych, an international gymnastics judge who has featured at the past seven summer Olympics, said Tedesco’s backflip in signing with the Canberra Raiders, only to turn his back on the…

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