Bernard Tomic

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No one else is defending Bernard Tomic for his “latest tank job,” so it falls upon The Public Apology to defend Australian tennis’ enfant terrible yet again. And I’m fucking bang up for it. I’m in Tomic’s corner. Team Tomic for life. So, Bernard held a racket the wrong way on match point in a reasonably meaningless tennis match,…

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If you cast your sporting mind* back to the 1980s and ’90s – and I often do – you might recall just how white Australia’s athletes were. Put bluntly, Australia’s professional sporting constituency was exceptionally Anglo-Saxon. Despite various waves of immigration over the years – the thousands of Chinese that came in search of gold in…

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Channel 7 is toasting an early victory in the ratings war this year, with the Sunday night season finale of Blonde Girl Watches a Tennis Match drawing a prime time average of 1.899 million viewers. Described by TV analyst Steve Allen as “gold, gold, gold”, Blonde Girl Watches a Tennis Match sparked substantial media coverage…

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