Braith Anasta and Jodi Gordon

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Al McClintock’s re-telling of one rugby league fan’s descent into madness while searching for Braith Anasta’s wedding continues. Read on for Part Five of this epic series… PART FIVE Failure! Oh, the pain of it… I acquired some faster wireless this morning only to be greeted by the sickening news that Braith and Jodi’s wedding was held yesterday…

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While trekking Lombok’s famous Mt. Rinjani in search of Magic Mushrooms and his own “Double Rainbow” moment, The Public Apology’s Al McClintock stumbled upon a decomposing corpse in the undergrowth. Surprised not only by the discovery – but also by the synthetic Sydney Roosters’ jersey worn by the corpse, which had remained perfectly intact – a penniless McClintock rifled furiously…

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