Kobe Bryant

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It’s been labeled ‘the group of death’ – which isn’t nearly as realistic a moniker as what some participants at this year’s World Cup may actually face when they get home after an unsuccessful campaign. Nevertheless, a group with Germany, Portugal, Ghana and the USA could prove to be the most fascinating of this year’s…

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The prolonged NBA lockout is forcing the competition’s highest paid athletes to count their pennies and develop a more frugal lifestyle, according to new reports. A World Tour has just been announced, in which 18 elite NBA players will visit London, Puerto Rico, Macau and Melbourne to take part in six exhibition games. And despite…

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“The only person with a J.J. Barea jersey is J.J. Barea … and maybe his mother!” Those were the words said to me by two friends who had just attended a Dallas Mavericks game in 2007.  While attending said Mavs game, the two began what can only be described as a hotly-contested debate over whether…

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