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I have a close friend named Toby who, at the age of ten, switched his allegiance from one English football side to another. To this day, the now 30-year-old is regularly ribbed by his mates for this innocent act of childhood naivety. I didn’t even know Toby when he was ten, but that hasn’t stopped me…

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“Rugby league players get into more trouble because they are dumb and/or uneducated”. It’s a  justification that is tossed around every time a rugby league player is caught for assault, drink driving or pissing in his own mouth. But it’s not just pub talk. Public figures such as Peter Fitzsimons’ have long espoused a similar…

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If you’ll allow me the analogy, rugby league and rugby union are like two bickering, divorced ex-lovers – and the combined sporting consumer base its collective offspring. Once happily married, money tore them apart and now, years later, they’re thinking about a second wedding. But what for? The temporary reconciliation took place a month ago,…

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