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There are rumours going around that Chris Rogers will be tossed from the Australian test side in favour of Phil Hughes, according to this article by The Public Apology’s chief publishing rival, The Roar. I’ve written about this before: the need for Rogers, the final vestige of yesteryear. How he represents more than just a safe pair of hands, but a link…

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This piece is a wandering collection of thoughts about a sporting phenomenon close to my heart. It is not timely or relevant. It will not gratuitously pose a question to engage audiences or conclude with a call to action. In all likelihood it flies in the face of contemporary online journalism convention – it is…

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I had the privilege of watching Roger Federer live last week. He handsomely defeated Jo Wilfried-Tsonga in straight sets. He didn’t out-run him and didn’t out-hit him. Federer simply played a superior game of tennis, dishing out a PhD in tennis artistry that rendered Tsonga hapless, an afterthought. I wondered whether this was as close…

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