Rafael Nadal

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This piece is a wandering collection of thoughts about a sporting phenomenon close to my heart. It is not timely or relevant. It will not gratuitously pose a question to engage audiences or conclude with a call to action. In all likelihood it flies in the face of contemporary online journalism convention – it is…

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It is no secret that men struggle to express their true feelings physically. In fact, many men brag about how long it’s been since they actually shed a tear. Exactly why the male species is hardwired this way remains unknown, despite years of theorising and countless peer-reviewed papers on the human psyche. But if there is anything that can…

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Tennis deity Roger Federer has hit back at fellow players who have accused him of adopting a non-interventionist approach to his Player Council presidency with smooth, European precision: “I’m fucking Swiss, did you expect me to engage in political discourse?” Federer and Spaniard Rafael Nadal were unanimously re-elected for a two-year term as president and…

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