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We’re a land of the ‘fair go’ in Australia. Whether you just read that in a Samuel-Johnson-Secret-Life-Of-Us voice, or a VB-advertisement-voice, it’s likely this is your truth. And although our country’s egalitarianism has more holes in it than a Panama Papers shell company, it’s still our prevailing identity. That’s right, in Australia the only laws…

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He was one of the fiercest competitors the game has ever known. A hard tackling and ruthless player who made a career out of tasking risks, which more often than not, paid off handsomely. In his prime he was all-powerful and almost all-conquering. Like a fox, he was equal parts cunning and intimidating. At times he…

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I recently wrote an article where I articulated the business case for eliminating rugby league as a sport. The piece was met with strong reaction – those vehemently in favour and those steadfastly against the idea – and, as such, I feel compelled to write a follow-up piece. However, in this piece, I will argue,…

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