Simon Katich

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THE KAT  “Under the Southern Cross I stand, A sprig of wattle in my hand, A native of my native land, Australia, you f—ing beauty.” “AHHHHHHH FFUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEAHHHHHH!!!!” The cacophonous sounds of 12 exuberant cricketers and several hangers-on echoed around the vacant Members Stand and across the famous Sydney Cricket Ground. The media commitments had…

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Cricket Australia 60 Jolimont Street Jolimont Victoria 3002 Australia (+61 3) 9653 9999 Dear Andrew, In relation to your unjustified sacking of Simon Katich from the Australian cricket team, I demand you supply ThePublicApology with – ahem – a public apology. Now this writer has accepted – and grown to eventually embrace – the many…

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Australian selector Andrew Hilditch has used a controversial equation – one that men often use in justifying relationships with much younger women – in selecting the 25 man Cricket Australia contract list. ThePublicApology understands that Hilditch’s criteria for selection involved dividing his own age by two, then adding seven years. Any half-decent player who was…

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