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Scandal. Hardly a word synonymous with the Qantas Wallabies, until Kurtley Beale’s lewd text message opened the gate for what is perhaps, in my opinion, the most delicious sports scandal of the decade. It’s delicious because it’s the Wallabies. The Wallabies are like Enron – a giant, soulless corporation now embroiled in a clusterfuck entirely…

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Over the past two weeks I have undergone an emotional journey concerning my relationship with the Wallabies and the sport of rugby union in general. The journey has had four distinct phases: Not giving a single fuck about the Wallabies / rugby union. Being mildly aroused about the fact the Wallabies could win the Bledisloe…

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New Zealand’s police force stood armed and ready for another All Blacks choke in a World Cup semi-final, but thankfully it never came. The Public Apology can reveal that NZ Police Commissioner Peter Marshall had beefed up security to the tune of NZ$2 million during the World Cup in anticipation of New Zealand crashing out…

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