TPA Live Episode 5

TPA Live Ep 5 sees the unearthing of a brand new talent as senior editor Ben Shine debuts all the way from Sydney in place of Chief-on-sabbatical, Dave J Edwards.

Shine is enjoying an Indian Summer in the communications game; this appearance coming hot on the heels of his recent coup de tat of The Public Apology after being instated as its interim Chief by Dave J Edwards, currently in China. Edwards’ managerial error would not be helping Sino-Australian relations as he negotiates what is reportedly the eventual sale of TPA into Asia.

That aside, here’s what’s in store this week:

* Sydney bandwagoning 

* Eddie McGuire and the Carbon Tax

* Scrum pushing and the League illuminati 

* Marvel super hero guernseys

* Thorpey being Thorpey

* Adam Scott needs marketing work

* Katich retires from all forms – legend

* LeBron aka Poppa comes home

* The Commonwealth games is apparently on

* Riffing on smart articles: Rupert

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